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Welcome to Harley-Davidson® Jamaica

We began our quest to get Harley-Davidson® motorcycles to Jamaica in December of 2006. We have worked hard to overturn an existing Jamaican law that currently bans motorcycles with engines over 600cc for resale. However, we have succeeded in getting a waiver to that law to allow rentals and we will be introducing our rental program very soon. We are very excited to get our rental business off the ground and we will be advertising in trade magazines throughout the world to announce its inception. Jamaican law that currently bands motorcycles with Harley-Davidson engines sizes for the purpose of resale.

Shop Harley-Davidson® Jamaica

Harley-Davidson® Jamaica has some of the most sought after apparel with the Harley-Davidson® family of dealerships. Our designs mix the lifestyle and attitude of Harley-Davidson® with the culture and environmental beauty of Jamaica. While our online store only offers a fraction of the apparel we offer, we wanted to make it available to those who perhaps forgot to shop for someone and realized after they got home!!

Authorized Rental Program

Soon we will be launching one of the most anticipated Harley-Davidson® rental programs in memory. Jamaica offers new ocean hugging highways, unbelievable scenery, great destinations and days of adventure. Be one of the first to ever ride the highways of Jamaica on a Harley-Davidson® Bike!

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